My maternal grandfather was John Bett, born in Glasgow in 1921. Like many families, his ancestors had moved to Glasgow in the late 1800s from rural areas to look for work. They had moved from north-east Fife, down to Kinross-shire and then on to Glasgow.

John was the fourth of five children. Both he and his younger brother had a son and a daughter each, but neither son has male children. This means our line of the Bett family will end when my uncle and my first cousin once removed pass on.

As Bett is not a common name, I am hoping to trace male relatives by starting a Y-DNA project on Family Tree DNA. There are no close matches yet, but I remain ever hopeful. I am also starting to study to look at all instances of the name Bett in Fife to see what links there are between them and to trace as many 'cousins' as I can.

I will keep posting the progress of my ongoing research here. If you would like to contribute or just get more information on this, you can contact me at