Tailor-made family history research in Edinburgh and Central Scotland.


Have you ever wanted to know more about your Scottish ancestors?  Are you stuck at a point in your research and don't know where to look next? Do you want to know more about the history of your property in Scotland? I can help you with all of these and more.  

I am a professional genealogist educated at the University of Strathclyde and a member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists. My tailor-made approach means that you will only ever pay for the services you want. From a quick check on facts to a comprehensive family history, contact me to discuss your needs and for a free, no obligation estimate.


I can undertake all kinds of research, from checking on specific documents and facts, to carrying out larger scale research projects. If you need any kind of family research undertaken, have a look at my research services.

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TRANSCRIPTION/Record retrieval

It may be that you already know what document you need, but you are not able to access it. Or that you have a document that you are struggling to read. If this is what you need, have a look at my transcription services.

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Research review & Organisation

Do you have a lot of research on paper that you would like organised or entered into family history software? Or do you have a bundle of old research that you don't know where to start with? I can review and organise existing research and help advise on the next steps.

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General Advice & Consultancy

Have you reached a 'brickwall' in your own research and don't know how to move further back from it? Or do you need some advice on how to fill out the information for an individual or family? I can help with advice on strategy and records that may be able to help.

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