Case Study 1

My client, Mr J, had received an old, typed family tree and letter from an elderly relative detailing several generations of his tree. None of the information was evidenced or sourced, and he commissioned me to verify the information he had received on his paternal grandfather's ancestors. He commissioned 14 hours of research. The result was a 40-page narrative report containing transcriptions of all relevant birth, marriage, death and census records going back a further four generations from his grandfather.


My clients, Mr & Mrs G, asked me to research the history of their recently purchased house, which was built around 1850. The resulting report contained details of all owners and occupants of the house from when it was built until the present day.


My client, Mr L, was interested in finding out more about his grandfather's ancestors. His grandfather had died before he was born and all he knew was oral history passed on by his father and other relatives. He did not have any documentation available but knew the names and approximate dates of his grandparents, and had a photo of a gravestone with the details of his great-grandparents. He commissioned 20 hours of research, which allowed me to research his grandfather's ancestors back a further three generations (to my client's 4 x great grandparents on his grandfather's line) and produce a 70-page narrative report with transcriptions of all relevant birth, marriage, death and census records.