Christmas and New Year in Scotland

All the best for this festive season from a somewhat cold and windy Edinburgh (nothing remarkable about that though, to be honest!) We're now into one of my favourite parts of the year - that lazy time between Christmas and New Year where all the rush of the preparations and visiting family is over, and I can sit back with a big pot of tea and relax. It's also a time of year I associate with genealogy. Back when I used to work full-time in IT, it was one of the few times of the year where I could get a few days uninterrupted to get really stuck into research.

I was reminded by a Facebook post by the National Library of Scotland on Christmas Eve that this wasn't always a holiday in Scotland: not until 1958. My mum remembers her father having to work on Christmas Day when she was a child, and her delight on the first one that he got as a holiday.

I've always found this interesting with respect to research in Scotland, as I have found quite a few marriages in my own tree from around this time. My grandmother said that she knew many people who got married around New Year as it was more likely that people would have the time off for it. I have no stats to back this up other than what I see in my own tree and, although it somewhat romanticises the past, there is something nice about the idea of starting the New Year with a wedding celebration. So on Friday 30th December, I will raise a glass to mark my great-grandparents' (John and Margaret) anniversary, and on the 31st to mark my 3 x great-grandparents' (Daniel and Agnes) too.

And with that, I once again wish you all the best for the season and for 2017.

Lang may yer lum reek. Slàinte!