A typical day?

What does the life of a genealogist look like? I was asked recently what my typical day was like and I had to reply that I didn't have one. To be fair, a lot of it is spent in front of a computer with a pot of tea, but that is as typical as it gets. But it did occur to me, how do I spend my time?

When I am working for a client, I am 'on the clock' : every minute is accounted for. But when I am researching for myself, I can afford to be a little more experimental, try some new paths out and disappear down the odd rabbit hole now and again.

And that is what I plan to talk about here. I'm not going to blog about the latest developments in research or the latest record sets available: there are other excellent blogs that cover that in more depth than I ever will (for example, Lisa Louise Cook and Chris Paton's excellent blogs).

My own personal research covers my own family and that of my 'other half'. Both are deeply rooted in Scotland, with a little Irish thrown in for good measure. There is a nice contrast between the two families: mine illustrates the flow of people from the country into the cities in the 19th century, while his remains rural. I'm also starting a project to identify my Bett ancestors in Fife, Scotland and their related lines.

So I'm going to talk a bit about these families, the kinds of techniques I am using, and generally just to give a little bit of insight into what I am doing and how I am doing it. Hopefully it will be interesting and maybe provide some hints and tips for people carrying out their own research. Whatever it turns out to be, it will definitely be informal and will involve tea!